A new life in Costa Rica

Sharing our journey from the U.S. to the Osa region of Costa Rica

About Todd K. Hinson

Former research scientist and owner of my own small business, my family decided to make the move to Costa Rica after growing dissatisfaction with conditions in the U.S.  From our homestead in the southern Pacific mountains near Pejibaye, we now grow most all our own food and enjoy the year round warm climate at Serenity Gardens Eco Village.  Come visit sometime!


9 thoughts on “About Todd K. Hinson

  1. I’m glad you mention your Christian faith. One of the things holding me back is that I would be sharing space with some wacko environmental nudist hippie types. Nothing wrong with loving the environment if it isn’t part of some Agenda 21 thing. Can you comment further on the make up of the people who are a part of the community. What are communtiy standards. I am very conservative.

    • Hi Rose. Though political labels here aren’t nearly as popular as in the states (most leave that crap behind), I would describe most as conservative in their ideology, believing in taking care of ourselves instead of waiting for someone else to.

      • Oops…reply was sent too soon. Personally I could care less about the lies that are politics in the US. I can’t speak for others here, but the leaning is certainly conservative Christian. We don’t currently have any nudist hippee types, unless they practice in the closet, but we would certainly welcome such folks. Th main thing is work together as a community to chart our course, while interacting and learning as much as possible from the local residents. Ours is a working community, where everyone chips in their skills to help things run more smoothly, and we have an overarching focus of organic food production. I encourage you to plan an extended visit if possible, if you are seriously interested, to find out if SGEV might be a good fit for you. Pura vida!!!

  2. Sounds good Todd, and thanks for the answer, but I need some clarification. Being a Christian Community, would you then be the open to nudists practicing their beliefs in full view of other members of the community. Maybe I should, but I didn’t quite get it.

    Thanks, Rose

  3. Ha ha

    Good answer, but it seems to me that a community in order to be successful As a community and work together need to have similar standards.

    • Everyone here is very respectful, and we have three families with kids who are being taught values that were long ago taught in the US. Local Tico residents are 100% Christian as well, and the local public school starts and ends each day with prayer. In other words, most folks not cool with that would choose other communities located along the more hedonistic beaches. Pura vida!

  4. Hi Todd,

    I found you through Pura Vida Connections. Thanks for your blog. I live in PZ with my family and we do a lot of the same kinds of things you write about. I want a hot tub like yours. Could you write a blog post about how you got it set up and how you maintain it? Or maybe you have one already you could point me to?

    Thank you so much and hope you’re all doing well in all this rain!


    • Hola! Thanks for the message. We purchased our wood-fired hot tub from Snorkel Tubs in Washington state, and had it shipped here unassembled in our container. One weekend my wife and assembled it, and the rest is history. You may be able to have one shipped here via Get it there Jerry, or another service.

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