A new life in Costa Rica

Sharing our journey from the U.S. to the Osa region of Costa Rica

A brief background on our upcoming move to Costa Rica


Sitting here Memorial Day weekend 2014, this is a good time to reflect on what led us to decide to pick up our belongings and move to Costa Rica.  In a nutshell, we have grown more and more dissatisfied with the direction the U.S. is heading, and we’ve simultaneously discovered a beautiful, inviting country just to the south that is calling our name.

We don’t feel the need to lay out our complaints about the U.S. here, since many folks are more than happy with what has happened over the past 10-15 years.  And to borrow from Pharrell, if you’re happy, we want you to stay that way!  That’s what we’re shooting for, after all.

Costa Rica offers our family a remarkable opportunity to focus on the things that have become so important to us…real freedom, healthy diet, friendly people, and a beautiful, scenic country.  The past few months have laid the ground work for our big move, and the coming weeks will see our preparations ramp up to full speed.

What do I hope to accomplish with this blog?  I’d like to share the process of moving to a new country with our friends and family, and keep everyone posted on the progress.  Check back weekly, as I’ll have regular updates.

Thanks everyone.  I’m happy to have you along for ride!

Todd Hinson




4 thoughts on “A brief background on our upcoming move to Costa Rica

  1. Hey Todd, good luck in your move to Costa Rica. I am a Costa Rican who moved to the USA more than 16 years ago. I moved here because my wife is american.
    I am also not satisfied with the direction the US is heading.
    Two years ago I took my family (my wife and three kids) to Costa Rica. I was very disappointed to say the least about the political, social and economic situation of my country. What was going to be a one year visit turned into only five months. Then we visited other latinoamerican countries. After that, we realized it was time to come back home.
    I’m telling you these things not to discourage you about moving down there but to give you the perspective of somebody who has lived in both countries long enough to understand how things work. In a nut shell the grass is not greener anywhere else and there will always be things that we do not like and we can’t do much about them. Don’t get your hopes to high.

    Go ahead and pursue your dreams other wise you’ll never know if it was the right thing to do or not.

    Buena suerte.
    Pura vida

    Gerardo Solano

    • Gerardo,

      Thanks for the reply! In our case, it wasn’t so much Costa Rica that was the deciding factor for us, but the Serenity Gardens Eco Village community that won our hearts over. There are many things we love about the country, but not sure if we would have made the decision if it hadn’t been for SGEV.

      Pura vida!

      Todd Hinson

  2. Thanks this is a great site. We can’t wait for more, as we are planning to move also.

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