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The fountain of youth…part 2

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My last blog post was 2 years back, when I wrote about the numerous healthy changes we made to our diet and lifestyle, and how much better we feel as a result.  The theme of this post is similar, but it focuses more specifically on what I now BELIEVE to be the fountain of youth.  (No question mark in this title.)

Through our diet, exercise and detox choices, I’ve often commented to people that I feel much better now than when I was 40…ten years ago.  How could it be that at 50 I feel so much better?  I recently came across information that I believe explains it, and has far reaching implications for anyone who wants to feel better…and younger.

The theory that was proven to my satisfaction is as follows.  Our immune systems are capable of maintaining our bodies in a near perfect degree of tuning, IF they are not under attack by toxic chemical insults.  When your immune system must defend itself, it can no longer do what it was designed for…constantly repair and retune the body.  By removing the chemical attacks (vaccines, processed foods, medicines, chemtrails, etc) and by detoxing to remove the previous insults your body received, you can actually free your immune system to show what it is really capable of…fixing almost all the health issues that plague you.

Want to get started?  See my previous post for some straightforward suggestions that can help.  At the end of the day, I feel dramatically better than I did 10 years ago.  And if that isn’t proof of a “fountain of youth” then I don’t know what is.

To your health!

Organic turmeric from our homestead.


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