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Why you need escapes to nature.

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Most everyone knows the impact that time spent in the outdoors can have on our health and wellness, but few probably understand the underlying reasons why.

I now believe it all comes down to Schumann’s Resonance. Simply put, that’s the energy frequency at which the earth resonates…7.83 Hz. It also happens to be the frequency that we should be resonating at when optimally “tuned”. And therein lies the problem. Due to the amount of time people spend in office buildings, in cars, or immersed in electronics, their resonance is often far from that of the earth. So, time spent listening to the seagulls and waves can retune us to a healthy frequency, as can time spent by a mountain stream. These escapes to nature don’t just set our minds at ease. They actually help retune us to the healthy frequency that permits us to be at our best.

Over the past few years, we’ve been intrigued by the testimonials from guests who visit here and spend as little as a few days. They declare how much better they feel afterwards, even health problems disappearing. At first we thought it was the clean air, food and water, which are very important. But I now believe at the heart of it is energy…getting a “tune-up”.

How can you accomplish this while immersed in your busy life? For starters, make sure to spend some time each week with your bare feet in contact with the ground. This simple act can do wonders to bring your energy back in harmony with the earth. Always drink the freshest, healthiest water that you can, and never from a plastic bottle. And need I say anything about food?

So the next time you’re feeling the strong need to get to the beach or mountains but life won’t permit it, just plop a chair down on your lawn, kick off your shoes and dig your toes into the grass. Close your eyes and focus on the birds singing. After 15-20 minutes, see if you don’t feel recharged.

To your health!


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